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My special friend will be forever missed

I started in the world of Australian Shepherds on May 14th (Mothers Day) 1995 with a very smart, eight week old male, blue merle, blue eyed wonder, with just a "hint" of the wonderful experiences that lay ahead for us as we started in the obedience field and our life was changed forever. As a very young pup, I taught him the "come", "sit", "down", and "stay". The later taking a bit longer for him to learn because his attention span at that age was understandably short, and expected. I realized early on that this young, energetic puppy had my heart in his paws and I was amazed at how fast he learned and enjoyed what was being taught to him. Little did I know how much he was actually teaching me as we traveled through our many wonderful journeys. Cosmo was entered in a Florida Australian Shepherd Association show, for a 2 day, four show weekend.

We started showing in April, 1996 and worked through the year of 2002. Cosmo accomplished numerous High in Trial and Highest Scoring Australian Shepherd and High Combined Score placements. Cosmo and I were so in tune with each other that it seemed before we knew it we had acquired Obedience Trial Championships in both ASCA and UKC and an AKC UDX and Open agility title. Cosmo finished both his ASCA and UKC Obedience Trial Championships with (4 each, two shows each day of trials) back to back Highest Scoring Aussie and High Combined Scores from the utility and open classes. Cosmo also finished a novice agility title in UKC and open agility title in AKC finishing that title with a second and first place ribbon! Cosmo was entered in a Florida Australian Shepherd Association show, for a 2 day, four show weekend. Cosmo received HIGH IN TRIAL ~PLUS~ HIGHEST SCORING AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD IN "ALL FOUR SHOWS" to receive his ASCA OTCH !! (Obedience Trial Championship)

** Cosmo showing in a United Kennel Club, 2 day,four shows, winning Highest Scoring Australian Shepherd in all four shows! These wins finished Cosmo's United Kennel Club OTCH!!(Obedience Trial Championship)Scores in all four shows were from 195-197. What a dog!!! He was my first Aussie and he made me a believer in the breed of Australian Shepherds!! Thank you Cos.....

Also, in the year of 2001, Cosmo received awards from the Florida Australian Shepherd Club for "HIGH POINT SCORES" IN OPEN, UTILITY and for HIGH COMBINED SCORES.

Cosmo stayed loving and sharp until he took his last breath and in my heart he will always be my little blue eyed puppy that taught me so much about love and devotion. Cosmo, my first aussie, made me a very proud owner, friend and a true aussie lover.

I would like to give a "SPECIAL" thank you to Michelle Carrigan for introducing our family to the wonderful and colorful world of Aussies!

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